Apple?  Microsoft?  Feh.  This is where it's at.

Open source.  Secure.  Cutting edge.  Beaucoup free updates.  Lean and mean.
You just never know who you'll find there.  (see also:  blah blah blah)

Biased or not, still the best news source out there.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Biased or not, still the best St. Louis news source out there. 

Memphis Commercial Appeal
Did I mention I lived there for five years?

Southeast Missourian
The local rag.  A newspaper with a conservative editorial tilt, believe it or don't.

The local TV station, broadcasting from downtown Cape's only skyscraper.

James Lileks
My favorite writer and humorist.  He wrote a blog before anyone really even knew what a blog was.

Carl Hiaasen
Another favorite writer, and an inspiration for my efforts at fiction.

...usually hits a little closer to home than it probably should.

Drudge Report
Like a broken clock, he's right at least twice a day.

Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau
We don't have an ocean, but we're definitely not landlocked.

Recent Earthquakes in the Central U.S.
At least we don't live in a solid brick house just a stone's throw from the New Madrid Fault.  Wait...what?

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